Sunday, July 24, 2011

New Available BRATs: Cooper, Diamond, Rocco, and Bella

NAME: Cooper
STATE: Florida
DOB: 12/30/2006
COLOR: Red and white

Cooper is a very sweet boy who loves to cuddle on the couch. He will bathe you with licking and likes men as much as women. He roos to greet his foster mom when she arrives at home. He doesn’t mind being in a huge crate while home alone, but he will whine and cry if penned when someone is home. Cooper is looking for a home where he will get lots of exercise and human attention. Like most basenjis, he would love his humans to always be nearby, but he can be left home alone for a regular workday. A calm canine companion would be okay, as long as there is enough attention for Cooper.

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NAME: Diamond
STATE: Florida
DOB: 12/16/2008
COLOR: Red and white
WEIGHT: 28.8

Diamond is a true “gem” of a Basenji. This tall, dark, and handsome boy is searching for his forever home. Diamond is very social and enjoys lots of playtime with the other Basenjis in his foster home. Diamond loves to be around his humans and needs to be included in whatever is going on. He is truly part of the family. Diamond enjoys long walks where he can expend some of his energy and explore his surroundings and possibly meet other canines in the neighborhood.

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NAME: Rocco
STATE: Illinois
DOB: 1/18/2001
COLOR: Red and white

Rocco is sweet 10-year-old red & white basenji looking for a basenji-savvy home. He would love a forever home that could provide love and attention. He’ll be your fur shadow around the home always wanting to be a part of the action. He also loves romping around with other dogs and would be great with the right playmate. The best forever home for Rocco would be mainly with adults.

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NAME: Bella
STATE: Kentucky
DOB: 12/2010
GENDER: Female

COLOR: Red and white

Cute, curious and cuddly are words that might be used to describe this active 7-month-old puppy. Bella is a charming little girl who enjoys lots of play and exercise during the day, and a nice lap to curl up in when evening comes. Bella awakes in the morning happy to greet the people and other dogs around her. Her days are passed by running huge circles in the yard, around the deck and back to the yard again for more circles. She finds her morning exercise even more fun if she can entice the other foster in the home, or the resident Basenjis to join her. After her morning workout, she likes to take a brief nap to re-charge before her afternoon exercise session.

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