Thursday, July 7, 2011

Senior B's

Its that time again - to share whats been going on in my neck of the Basenji world.
Lots has happened - lots of vet visits, bloodwork, stool samples and even x-rays!!!! I guess I'm showing my age. My owner is a very concerned one - almost a worry wart. I shouldn't complain but she does get carried away when she knows something is not right. I went to my regular vet for my six month check up (senior dogs should always see the vet twice a year). Urine and stool samples - its a wonder they don't do canine colonoscopies. Bloodwork - not one stick but two - veins wouldn't cooperate. I tell you old age is not fun! Then they took pictures of my back and belly - what's up with that!?!?!
Turns out I don't have cushings but I have a thyroid disorder like my owner does. I was dragging - you guys know what it is like when your owner out walks you - oh no, you wouldn't you're younger than me. Well, turns out I have bone spurs in my middle back, my urine is still diluted, and my tryglycerides were off the chart as well as my TSH being low. Dr. Bates felt I needed another blood gas test so we went to see Dr. Tracy Leonard. More needles!!!! Yikes!!!!
Not much change in the blood gas test from 6 months ago but Dr. Tracy hooked me up - now I get all kinds of goodies at breakfast and dinner in addition to my food. Its been two weeks and guess what? I feel pretty good - got the umph back in my step, coat looking shinier, bowels are not constipated, and best of all I'm not peeing the bed :) or having as many of those little head tremors. Life is looking up again!!!!
Thus, needless to say us senior canines need extra special care so be sure and have us checked when something doesn't seem right!!!! Until next month, happy barrooo trails to you and yours!!!!


  1. How old is Cammie?

  2. Cammie is at least 10 yrs old possibly as old as 12 yrs. She was a rescue so exact age is unknown.