Sunday, July 10, 2011

New Available BRATs: Talley, Mia, Makaela, Rosie, Buddy, Max, and Doc

NAME: Talley
DOG STATE: New Jersey
DOB: 2009
GENDER: Female
COLOR: Black and white

Talley is playful and affectionate, a great little snuggler, puppy-curious and quite the little play instigator. She bonds right away with human females, and she loves to be picked up and handled all over. Her favorite game is to squirm underneath the bed and hide from the other dogs, and then when they come looking for her she’ll shoot out the other side and “capture” the top of the bed! She’s quite the little character.

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DOG STATE: Pennsylvania
DOB: 11/07/2000
GENDER: Female
COLOR: Red and white

Mia is a sweet and very petite little lady. She loves long walks and hanging out in the sunshine to chase birds and squirrels. She was raised with children and is very sweet. She is not destructive, is crate trained, and house trained. This little lady is looking for a home with a warm and loving family, a soft and smooshy sofa, a bed to snuggle in with her new owners and someone who can give her the daily walks she needs.

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NAME: Makaela
DOB: 2003
GENDER: Female
COLOR: Red and white

Makaela is very friendly and affectionate, and is good with older, dog-savvy children. She is a smart girl, enjoys playing, and knows many tricks and commands. She even stays until given permission to eat. Makaela will also stand up and dance on command. Ask her to speak, and she gives off sounds like she is actually talking to you. When you come home, she greets you with yodels and baroos, just to let you know she is so happy to see you.

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NAME: Rosie
DOG STATE: Maryland
DOB: 2009
GENDER: Female
COLOR: Red and white

Rosie has blossomed in the time she has been in her foster family home. Likely not exposed to humans much, Rosie was extremely shy when she first came to her foster home. It has taken some time, but Rosie now snuggles up to her foster humans, allows her humans to handle her, and comes when called. She bonds well with other dogs, and since she is still building her confidence, she would likely be best homed with another dog.

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NAME: Buddy
DOG STATE: Illinois
DOB: 10/2002
COLOR: Tricolor

Buddy is playful and quite a character. He likes the majority of dogs he meets, and tries to avoid the ones that don’t like him. This boy prefers to sleep in a bed on top of the covers. As with all basenjis, Buddy is extremely smart and will find ways of escaping if given half the chance. Extreme caution is needed when exiting or entering the home. He may be big, but he's quick as lightning!

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DOG STATE: Michigan
DOB: 12/15/2007
COLOR: Tricolor
WEIGHT: 23.5

Max is a strong boy, full of curiosity and energy. Max likes the sunshine and chasing bugs, birds and cats! He runs up and down the fence line, lies in the sunshine, and comes for a snuggle before starting all over again. He didn't get along too well with the other dogs in his household, which is why he is now with BRAT. Mostly, he just wants to be with his people.

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DOG STATE: Michigan
DOB: 12/17/2006
COLOR: Red and white

Doc is a very sweet and snuggly little man. He is very active, loves to go on walks and is very curious. He loves to sniff around the yard, lay in the sunshine, snooze on the sofa, and run around inspecting. Doc is not destructive and is both house trained and crate trained. Although Doc is very sweet with his adult people, he doesn't care for children. However, he likes being picked up and kissed and doesn't even mind being turned over on his back and carried like a baby!
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Two of these Basenji gals are sisters. Can you guess which ones?
You'll have to read their full profile on the
main BRAT page to find out!

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