Thursday, June 2, 2011

Regular Check Ups for Seniors

Well, I missed writing last month. My owner was out of state working and believe it or not the hotel had poor to non-exeistent internet service. Now that I am home and out of boarding, it is time to get things rolling again.

I had a fast one pulled on me this morning. I went out to relieve my bladder and before you know it I had a ladle under me. Don't you just hate when that happens? This can only mean one thing - VET!!!! Don't get me wrong - I love going to my vet. I get liver treats, get to see all kinds of other four-legged friends, and the staff at the vet - just love me. They just make all over me. But why is it so important for me to go to the Vet so often? It seems I am going every six months. I know I'm not as young as I used to be. And lately when I go, I get to give blood. What is up with that?

I know getting old is for the birds. Once you hit six, its best to have visits to the vet twice a year because sometimes we may not look like we are getting old but we are. This way a baseline is established and as aging progresses issues can be identified easier. What are some of the more common aging issues for Basenjis?

In addition to the common ones for all canines (arthritis, vision and hearing loss, and weight gain), Basenjis are also more prone to thyroid disorders, Fanconi Syndrome, and progressive retinol atrophy. An excellent document that discusses Basenji health issues can be found on the web at

An excellent video that discusses Senior Dog Health is

I guess I will be seeing the Vet later today and having some of those wonderul liver treats. Remember to keep us Seniors healthy!!!

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