Sunday, May 22, 2011

New Available BRATs: Eshe, Roxy, and Josie

NAME: Eshe
DOG STATE: Florida
DOB: 1/21/2006
GENDER: Female
COLOR: Red and white

Eshe (which means “life” in Swahili) is a petite, 5-year-old red & white female who is looking for her forever home. Eshe enjoys playing with other similar sized pups, has not met a stranger that she doesn’t like, and will provide hours of tail wagging play time, but can also be just as happy taking it easy and relaxing the day away on the couch or on a dog bed. Eshe is fully potty trained, but she might have an occasional accident in a new home until she learns the new routine. Eshe does have some separation anxiety, and her perfect home would be with a male Basenji or another similar sized dog, and where she does not have to be crated for long periods of time.

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NAME: Roxy

DOG STATE: Michigan
DOB: 2/2/2006
GENDER: Female
COLOR: Red and white

Foxy Roxy is a very special 5-year-old who needs a home that is willing to understand her and love her for who she is. She is very energetic and loves to run in a fenced yard. Provided she gets her exercise, she is a perfect lady inside the home and can be trusted to leave human things alone, although she does like to jump up on things like furniture. She is crate trained and loves her crate. "Queen Roxy" is very particular with certain things. She tends to prefer women and wants to be the only dog in the home. She also needs lots of time and personal space to know that a stranger can be trusted. Quick movements startle her. She will signal her comfort and readiness with a new person by putting her head underneath their hand and flipping it up onto her head.

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NAME: Josie

DOG STATE: New Hampshire
DOB: 9/21/2000
GENDER: Female
COLOR: Tricolor

In some ways, Josie is not your typical basenji. She barks (the short, sharp B-version), wags her tail in greeting, is responsive to her name and commands, and is quite well-behaved in the house. Once outside on a leash, however, instinct takes over and Josie reacts enthusiastically to all the delights provided by nature for the amusement of a basenji with excellent eyesight and hearing. Although Josie is 10, she looks and acts more like a dog of 7. Josie has two speeds: on or off. She would benefit from at least one good walk a day and will need reinforcement in leash walking manners. Her dream home should have a canine companion for company and a fenced yard for her to expend the energy that isn't released on a walk.

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