Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Compost Curiosity

"Hmmm... What is this big strange black box?", wondered Calvin.

Toni ran over to see what Calvin was so curious about. "Let's check it out!", Tony said. And they sniffed and sniffed all around the compost bin. "It sure smells funny!", said Calvin as he wrinkled his nose.

"I am gonna dig to see what is inside.", exclaimed Toni.

Toni paused for a moment and said to Calvin, "Well, I am not sure what the heck this weird dirt is so I am gonna taste it to find out." "Me too", said Calvin.

So the 2 little dogs dug at the compost bin and sampled bits of what they found.

(Hopefully NOT at the Vet's office)


  1. So far they haven't gotten sick but they LOVE compost! Calvin excitedly steals pieces of it when I am gardening. So I now arm myself with a hose when gardening to fend off the little compost thieves.

  2. I heard (did not verify) that there is a kind of mold that can be found in compost that can be very dangerous to dogs. I recommend enclosing it.
    Once the mice find the bin, the noise will increase the interest of some Basenjis!