Sunday, April 17, 2011

Three lovely ladies new to BRAT: Ginger, Maggie, Tasha

NAME: Ginger
DOG STATE: North Carolina
DOB: 2005
GENDER: Female
COLOR: Red and white

Ginger is a bit of a mystery lady. She was left at an animal shelter late one night, with no identification. However, she wasted no time in charming everyone she met, adults and children alike. She loves to snuggle on the couch, and get her ears and belly rubbed. She has excellent house manners, is eager to please, and is in good overall health. She has a few typical "Basenji" habits that her new family has to be aware of (she will escape and raid the trash if given the chance). It is evident that Ginger came from a loving home, and now she is in need of a new one.

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NAME: Maggie
DOG STATE: South Carolina
DOB: 2005?
GENDER: Female
COLOR: Tricolor

Maggie is a beautiful, healthy, 5 1/2 year old tricolor girl looking for a good home.
We know little about her past, other than suspecting that she was a puppy mill girl at one time. Maggie is extremely sensitive and responds better to encouragement than reprimands. She is exceptionally gentle, does not mind being picked up, touched or moved. She would flourish in a one or two person home, with someone that is home most of the time, or someone she could accompany to work. The important issue is that she needs a low key home where she can have time to settle in and feel safe. With a patient, understanding owner, she will learn how to expand her world and learn the joy of belonging to a loving, stable home.

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NAME: Tasha
DOG STATE: Michigan
DOB: December 2005
GENDER: Female
COLOR: Red and white
WEIGHT: 17.7

Tasha is a sweet little girl who came from a bad situation where she was competing for food, space, and affection.
She is unsure of many things and people as she wasn't exposed too much until coming to BRAT, but it is apparent that she has a lot of love to give. She is curious and loves to sniff around her new environment, though she is still very skittish. Tasha will take some time to warm up to her new family/person. But this little gift is worth the wait.

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