Monday, April 18, 2011

2011 Convention

I can't believe the Convention is less than 7 weeks away! If you have never attended I strongly urge you to GO!!! You will have alot of fun, meet basenji people and be able to put names to faces. Not to mention being immersed in basenjis! You won't bore anyone with basenji stories. Everybody who attends LOVES to talk basenji. The Convention is all about celebrating basenjis whether you are an adopter or have become a BRAT volunteer. I adopted and joined BRAT in 2005. I brought my family to the 2006 Convention held in Lancaster, PA. While the roster of active stationmasters has evolved since then, I think it was pivotal for me to attend that convention. If you are a member of BRAT and would like to be more involved within the organization, I highly recommend you attend the convention. I started out as an adopter and let it be known I wanted to be more active/involved. I can guarantee you won't be forgotten and will be taken up on your offer. Whatever ties you to BRAT, I highly recommend attending the Convention. There are some fantastic seminars planned and activities scheduled. Enjoy and revel in the camaraderie! Roberta Kosek Vice President

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