Wednesday, April 6, 2011

A Solution to Your Unrefreshing Basenji Problems

Has your basenji ever touched a piece of furniture, and left weird smells in it's wake? Weird, unrefreshing smells?

Then I have the thing for you! Introducing: Hannah's Refreshing Linen Spray! For when your basenji stinks something up (once again).

All it takes to make is:

- 3 ounces of vodka

- 12 drops of an essential oil (lavender or peppermint for example)

- 12 ounces of organic hydrosol

This Refreshing Linen Spray is super safe for your pet and for the earth! You can freshen up your mattress, pillows, bed linens, couches, fabric chairs, the dog bed.. The possibilities are endless! (As always, though, make sure to test the spray on a small part of the fabric, just in case.)

Currently getting your spring clean on? Then you will NEED my Refreshing Linen Spray. Shoving everything under the bed or into the closet? At least it will smell nice!

Does your basenji leave odd stains on your linens? Make those stains deliciously FRAGANT stains of AWESOMENESS. (Oh yeah. You know you want to.) Your guests won't question that large brown-ish stain on your couch! Just tell them it's a scratch 'n' sniff!

Do people have to wear gas masks in your house? Then RUN, don't WALK, to make my Refreshing Linen Spray!

This spray will solve ALL OF YOUR PROBLEMS. (Do you hear that? ALL OF YOUR PROBLEMS. Not "all of your problems", ALL OF YOUR PROBLEMS.)

So, what are you doing still sitting here reading this? I said RUN!

I hope you and your basenji (s) have a great day.

Until we meet again (I'll give you a hint, it's next month. Same time, same place.),
Hannah Payne


  1. 3 ounces of Vodka? if the stink doesn't come out I guess we can just drink the vodka... LOL

  2. where do you buy the hydrosol?

  3. You can order the hydrosol from (:

  4. I realize this comment is *years* behind the time...but *which* hydrosol do you use? I see many herbal hydrosols on the link. Is it a matter of choosing one by smell preference?
    I use Silver Hydrosol which is an incredible germ/fungus killer so often that I now make it at home. The silver kills odors like magic - will even take the musty smells out of an old washer. I'm going to try this with the Silver hydro - it would make a great homemade "febreeze" product. And the silver will also eliminate some stains.