Thursday, April 7, 2011

Emergency Moments???

Hello again!!! My human and I had difficulties picking a topic for this month. However, a most recent event with a boxer friend of mine inspired this topic, especially since spring is upon us and there are all kinds of things us canines can get into - and they say curiosity killed the cat.

So my human and I thought we would write about keeping the canines safe in this time of awakening animals, budding flowers and weeds, and stinging pests. I just hate it when we are out on a walk and she has to shove her fingers down my throat to swipe out what I just happened to pick up off the ground to eat. If I could only help myself to not pick up such things.

Well, my boxer buddy, Miley chased something into the dark by her neighbors' home. By bedtime, her face was swollen, red hives on her belly, throwing up, refusing to eat, not drinking water, had scratches on her face. Her human thinks she chased a bunny up under the neighbor's shed. So my human stressed to Miley's the importance of getting her to the vet asap in case of anaphylactic shock occurring.

So we thought, how does a human know when its time to take a canine for emergency treatment?

Here is an excellent source to know when to take us to the vet for an emergency visit -

And if you dont have a a first aid kit by now, you should really put one together for your four legged friends - here is a link that lists what is best to include -

Oh I almost forgot Miley will be fine; her vet gave her steroid and antihistamine shots along with some extra antihistimine tablets just in case she wanders into another nest of stinging insects. Miley's vet thought she may have gotten into a bee's nest or spider's nest. Oooooohhhh!!!!! Makes my tail curl up tighter than a coil. Until next month, enjoy the sunshine where ever you might be.

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