Monday, April 25, 2011

New Available BRATs: Ziva, Lady Zen, Filou, and Cisco

NAME: Ziva
DOB: 10/28/2008
GENDER: Female
COLOR: Black & White

This dainty but spirited little two-year-old girl gets along well with everyone – men, women, children and other dogs. She has a shiny coat, nice basenji “worry wrinkles,” a classic basenji tail and bright eyes that watch you all the time. Ziva loves people time and one of her most notable characteristics is being a little shadow to her foster people. She loves to tear around the dog park at top speed, pretending she is in Africa, out on the open plains! But with lots of exercise and quality time with her human companions, Ziva is calm at home.

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NAME: Lady Zen

DOG STATE: Illinois
DOB: 12/28/2005
GENDER: Female
COLOR: Tricolor

Lady Zen is a beautiful 5-year-old female that wants a castle of her own. She needs a home that is basenji savvy and that has a secured yard with preferably a wood fence to keep her safe. When Lady Zen meets new people, she is cautious at first. But, give her a treat and she will love you for life. Her hair rises on the back of her neck when she is approaching you for the first time. If you say her name and squat down to her level, Lady Zen relaxes. She is ready for a home where she can be loved and pampered and interact with people. She loves to be with people. Is yours the right home for Lady Zen?

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NAME: Filou

DOB: 2000
COLOR: Red and white

Filou is a mellow, refined gentleman who understands French as well as English. He likes his kibble "spiced up" with bits of steak, fish or even veggies you might be eating. Ice cream for dessert is expected. He is calm and well-mannered, and he walks well on a leash. King of his castle, he has never needed to be crated. The typical basenji, Filou will seek sunny spots to lounge in. Filou's continental background will make him a very special addition to your home.

Click HERE to read more about Filou, and to see a list of French commands that he understands!

NAME: Cisco

DOG STATE: Arizona
DOB: 06/17/2005
COLOR: Red and white
WEIGHT: 29.4

Cisco is a particularly handsome, very active and VERY loving Basenji boy. He is very shy upon first meeting, but after warms up after introductions. He appears to tolerate other dogs quite nicely, and does well at the dog park. Like all B's he enjoys a walk and has the ability to pull with authority, but commonly is a sedate walker for a B. Cisco is quite capable of doing the Basenji-500 and sounds like a herd of wild horses charging thru the house but thus far has missed most of the furniture. He does have some young adult Basenji energy!

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These Basenjis and more can be found on BRAT's main website. Please take a look!

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