Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A Month In The Life of Asta and Apollo

April 2011
Asta loves to sit in the window and look out on the traffic on 34th Street.

Apollo is a heat seeking missile.

Asta and Apollo went to Ondine's studio and helped to create art.

One day in April, Ondine came home to a cabinet open and each, individual cleaner container carefully plucked out from under the sink.

The boys spread out their booty all over the living room.

After all that fuss and muss, the boys had to get their rest and relaxation.

Yesterday, we came home and found that all of our bills had been shredded by the poochi-simos.

After we cleaned up the bills and made the bed, Asta had to christen it with his fabulous Basenji smell (like warm peanuts).

And that, is a month in the life of Asta and Apollo for April, 2011.


  1. Funny! My Jazzie can open cabinets and drawers so I had to put baby locks on them. I had come home to cleaning products strewn about the kitchen; pots and pans another day (dented my favorite spaghetti pot!) Dish towels and potholders were chewed and shredded as well.

  2. PS LOVE the picture of Asta's shadow. WAY cool!

  3. Ah, I was just going to mention the baby locks. I've heard of so many basenjis that got into toxic stuff and had to be dosed with hydrogen peroxide or charcoal. These guys are too clever for their own good sometimes!

    Never a dull moment in your house - at least when you aren't home!