Saturday, February 12, 2011

Naybie Baby

Every one of my animals gets some silly nickname. My newest family member is B.R.A.T. #3450 , aka Nayru. She was named after a character in a video game. But I call her, among other things, Naybie Baby. And, what's worse, I sing "Naybie Baby" to the tune of "Santa Baby." She doesn't seem to care. Just looking at her makes her do the donut-tail shake. Honestly, when I read her foster mom's comments about "the tail-wagginest" girl, I found it hard to believe, but I was wrong. 

Nayru is one of the most pleasant-tempered dogs I've ever met. She's content to curl up on the couch or under the covers. She has been to the homes of two friends and played nicely with their dogs. Of course, that was after the initial round of snarking and establishing the rights of a sovereign Basenji Empress while on foreign soil. Once every canine realizes she is in residence, then the fun can commence.

One of her best things was to launch herself from a papasan into the middle of a dog mosh pit. At 21 lbs she was the 3rd smallest dog there, but that didn't stop her from boxing with a 150 lb Saint Bernard mix. He was appropriately charmed. You can see some of the fun in some videos I made. She isn't afraid of a thing, is she?

· Video of Dogs Romping:

· Video of Holiday Romping:

Adopting Nayru was one of the best things I've done. I used to own/show a pair of Basenjis. My female was a little British import named Azenda Nuffsaid. I called her Tammie Jean or "No No Tammie." I'd never met a Basenji before I went to meet Tammie. It's by the grace of the Gods that I survived Basenji Ownership 101 with a hard-headed 1 year old. But she was with me for 11 more years and I treasured each of them. Now I have a B in my life again. I am fortunate that this one--while a typical mischievous, too-smart-for-her-own collar Basenji girl--is in my home and under my covers.

My ongoing and continual thanks to Melissa Benda--TX coordinator, Mike--BRAT home visitor, and Anita--foster mom for helping me adopt this incredible bundle of joy, and Ben, who picked her up from the shelter, gave her love, and her name.

She brings me laughter every day in one way or another so thank you, B.R.A.T. Thank you. Now I have to go. Naybie Baby wants one more chorus of her song, then she's off to thump her chiweenie brother until he plays with her. They might even see if the old Maine Coon cat wants to join in. It's a Basenji's life here in Texas.
-Stephanie Lynch

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