Sunday, February 13, 2011

Available BRAT Rescues: West Coast

NAME: Oreo
DOB: 6/1/2003
COLOR: Black and white

Oreo – a black & white beauty of a Basenji - needs a home where someone will love him for who he is. He plays and gets along fine with other dogs and behaves himself around cats. Oreo is a frequent car traveler and rides very well. Upon meeting other dogs he reacts according to the signals he reads from them. He is very sociable with other sociable dogs and has never had any unpleasant confrontations with his canine interactions. He also loves humans and does not shy away from strangers but would do better in a home with kids over the age of eight. He is an energetic boy who needs daily exercise so that he is a calm (and happy) Basenji at night.

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NAME: Benji
DOG STATE: California
DOB: 2005?
COLOR: Red and white

Beni is a petite, inquisitive red and white male that is a master couch potato. After a full day chasing squirrels in the back yard and a good thrashing of a chew toy, Benji is ready to cuddle on the couch for the evening. He is admired by all whether being cooed over on his daily walk or chasing a tennis ball at the dog park. Lots of puppy still left in this six year old. He is very food motivated, intelligent and trainable—for a basenji! Benji truly is a lovable dog worth a second chance.

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NAME: Fred
DOG STATE: California
DOB: 1/9/2000
COLOR: Red & white

Fred is a tall, lean, handsome boy with a wonderfully vibrant red coat, and a completely rub-worthy belly. He is also a smart Basenji boy with a great sense of humor, who has a whole lot of love to give. One of his favorite games is "I got you." In this game, he will pretend he's not looking at you (although you'll catch him looking at you out of the corner of his eye) and then he'll give you a playful pounce and run around at full speed. He also likes to tap at balls and spin around with stuffed toys in his mouth.

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NAME: Kerby
DOG STATE: California
DOB: 12/29/2001
COLOR: Red and white

Kerby is a well-rounded basenji. He gets along well with other dogs and likes all people he meets. He is housebroken and knows some basic commands like, "sit," "no" and "off." He has a very strong basenji curiosity and is looking forward to many new adventures in his new home.

Kerby adores his people and is loyal and loving. He wants to be with his humans as often as possible. He loves a good cuddle, snuggle and scratch. He gets along well with men, women and children. He likes to explore the great outdoors but likes to find a comfy spot in the house with his humans for some good snuggle time too.

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