Monday, February 7, 2011

BRAT Honors its Dedicated Volunteers

BRAT has been holding basenji rescue conventions since 2003.

In 2006, we started a tradition of presenting plaques to some of our more dedicated volunteers during our annual banquet. Below is a list of our honorees for the past five years. These incredible people are just a few of the scores of our wonderful "basenji rescue angels." Thank you to everyone who either directly assisted in basenji rescue or donated to help us during the past twelve years of BRAT's existence.

The plaques always include the BRAT convention logo--designed for the past several years by our very talented graphic artist, Mark Ziegler.

ps. To learn more about the 2011 convention, click here. To become a basenji rescue volunteer, click here.


Kristen Ayres
B. Ann Hageman
Beth Schmidt
Steve Warner and Carey Hall-Warner
Oren Will
Jack Austin
John and Mary Hamilton
Margaret O'Reilly
Hillsborough County Humane Society
Chris Yakymyshyn


Suzanne Sarlls-Hartwell
JR Key
Pam Hamilton
Patricia Dukes


Roberta Kosek
Jennifer Ellin
Sharron Hurlbut
Yvonne Ricroft
Ann Ketcherside
Linda Siegel
Shirley Davis
Beth Schmidt
Paula Nikonow
Deb Tipton


Judy Stahl
Paula Harshberger
Dana Cole
Chey Miller
Peggy Pick
Don Kuhwarth
Jacque Holdaway
Arlene Robbins
Cynthia Castro
Tonya Ahrens
Barbara and Dennis Narehood


Michael Swan
Debbi Johnson
Barbara McShea
Jackie Kuhwarth
Linda Webb-Hilliard
Elizabeth Newton

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