Sunday, February 6, 2011

Available BRAT Rescues: Central & Southern Regions

NAME: Phahar
DOG STATE: Arizona
DOB: 12/23/2000
COLOR: red & white


Phahar is a handsome 10-year-old male whose elderly owner passed away last fall. He likes to play, but won't drive you crazy about it. Phahar sits very nicely on command, his leash manners are adequate, and most importantly, he knows what the words "No" and "Leave It" mean. He is very loyal and will follow you from room to room, but doesn't get underfoot. He loves affection, enjoys lying next to you and naturally relishes being petted. He is smart and food motivated, so training has been going well.

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DOB: 2002/2003
COLOR: Red & white

Big Red is a very typical Basenji - he has a wonderful personality and loves to run the B500 (especially on freshly made beds). He can be a little shy at first with strangers, but he quickly warms up and then becomes your best friend. Big Red is Mr. Personality, but he isn't Mr. Obedience - he knows sit, but could use some additional "education" to learn basic commands. He walks well on his leash and knows how to use the doggie door to go outside. Like most B's, he is highly treat motivated, loves laying in the sun and counter surfing.

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NAME: Olaf

DOB: 2006
COLOR: Black & white

Olaf is a calm, friendly, handsome fella who will ask for human attention. He gets along well with numerous animals in his foster home and the resident female basenji has decided he can share her bed. He loves to run and play in the fenced yard with his buddy at his foster home, a border collie. Although thin at the time of rescue he has gained a few pounds and now has a healthy physique at 28 pounds. He is well housetrained and walks nicely on a leash.

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NAME: Cooper
DOG STATE: Oklahoma
DOB: 2005?
COLOR: Red & white

Cooper is a portly gentleman who is afflicted with “selective deafness”, a common condition in basenjis. Key words like “treat” and “cookie” seem to stimulate the auditory nerves in their ears. Cooper wrote the book on Basenji Independence. He’s happy just lying in the sun, watching the world go by. Part of Cooper’s lack of greed for attention may be because he has been bounced around to quite a few homes before coming to his current foster home. His temperament and weight have improved since he started treatment for his low thyroid, a common and treatable condition. He's learning to enjoy a good scratch on the back and the companionship of other canine friends. With more love and attention, he might eventually become a cuddler.

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NAME: Coby
DOG STATE: Missouri
AGE: 18 months
COLOR: Red & white

Coby is only 18 months old and he loves to play, play, play. He is currently fostered with another Basenji and they have a blast together. He would make an excellent playmate for a family with another playful dog. During the evening he likes relaxing with his foster mom or dad and just laying with them. Coby likes to be pet and rubbed all over. Kids would be a lot of fun for Coby to play with and hang around too.

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