Sunday, January 23, 2011

"Eat Mor Chikin"

Allow me to introduce myself...I'm Cammie, also known as Picky Princess Poo Poo (but that's another story for another time). I am 9 yrs old in two-legged time. I am a rescue - almost a B.R.A.T. rescue - I came to my forever home almost 3 years ago. You see, I got myself in trouble..... chickens .... yes I said chickens. Not sure how it happened but somehow I slipped out of my previous forever home and well, I got hungry....there was a farm nearby and so I did what I know best ...I got me a chicken. I didn't know chickens were considered livestock in Ohio and if I would want another one ....well, let's say the farmer could aim and shoot. Thus, I found myself in a shelter, confined, confused, and lonely. So lonely, that the shelter workers would sometimes find me in my neighbors' stall. They could never figure out how I did it and I'll never tell.

Well after being in the shelter under close watch, the dog warden decided I could be placed up for adoption. I heard him say "the dog likes chicken, I like chicken too" and they take my mugshot (above) and post it on the web. Several days later, this couple appeared - in front of me!!! You see, everyday people would walk by me, look, smile, say "Ah!", and go on. This couple stopped right at my stall. I got so excited I let out the loudest and highest-pitched shrill I think I have ever made. Then I told myself, calm down, especially if you want more chicken. I heard the shelter staff say, "We need to tell you why Cammie is here ......" Gasp, gulp, oh no dont tell them that, they wont understand!  They both looked at each other, turned toward me and said, "She's a hound doing what hounds do." Whew! Reminded me of what Claude said when he and Uncle Jesse discovered Lady in the swamp, "That dog do" (hehehehe). 

Anyway, we went outside for a walk; on the way another person approached us. I heard her introduce herself as a B.R.A.T. representative and just as I squatted, she tries to stick this small white stick you know where. Apparently, this is a necessary task to make sure I'm not spilling sugar in my urine. Well it must have been ok and then she hangs around to see if the nice couple is going to take me home. She tells them all about B.R.A.T. - how they check shelters for Basenjis and take them into foster homes and find forever homes. She inquires if the couple had experience with Basenjis and yes, yes they did!!!! Wow, I thought maybe I will get out of here. The nice couple talked about it and decided yes, they would adopt me, and I've been with them ever since...and yes, all because I wanted chicken.

Well, that's my story on how I found my forever home. I'm hoping you liked it and will consider helping a B.R.A.T. foster find a forever home. Until next time, happy barroos to you, and as those silly cows would say, "Eat mor chikin!"

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  1. Those eyes are almost as big as Stains the Hypno-cupcake-dog's. So cute. I can see her thought bubble right now. "Must... have... chikin..."