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BRAT's Final Rescue Report for 2010

I pleased to present the final BRAT Rescue Report for 2010.

During the year, our coordinators placed 260 basenjis in forever homes. That may just seem like a number, but when you look at the full list of the dogs placed you get some idea of how much work was involved.

This list below includes both the name of the basenji and the Coordinator responsible for all of the work involved in the placement.

We will soon be posting the complete list of 2010 fosters. Thank you to all fosters---BRAT wouldn't exist without your efforts. To learn more about fostering a basenji rescue, click here.

By far, our busiest coordinators were Debbi Johnson and Pam Hamilton. Debbi and Pam coordinated the placement of 36 of the Wimauma Field dogs in Florida. Many of you are familiar with that story but to read more about this remarkable rescue, click here.

Pam not only helped coordinate the placement of all of these dogs--she also fostered all 36 of the Wimauma dogs placed and continues to foster almost all of the Wimauma dogs still waiting for homes. And if that wasn't enough, Pam coordinated the placement of 13 other non-Wimauma dogs in Florida.

In addition to her coordination work, Debbi Johnson handled all of the Treasurer work for BRAT and served as both a Director and member of the Executive Committee.

We stand in awe of both Pam and Debbi. Thank you.

Other very busy coordinators include Jack Austin in Georgia, JR Key in Washington, DC, Liz Newton and Beth Schmidt in Illinois, Melissa Benda and Wendy Hodges in Texas, Roberta Kosek in New England, and Suzanne Sarlls-Hartwell in Michigan. In addition to these folks, dozens of volunteers helped place at least one dog. My most sincere thanks to all of you and to the many volunteers who perform "behind the scenes work" for BRAT.

2011 begins our 13th year of basenji rescue and it is starting out just as busy as 2010. We have more than one hundred basenji purebreds waiting for forever homes. To apply to adopt one of these dogs, click here. We always need more volunteers to help foster rescue dogs, coordinator placements, contact new applicants, and do administrative work. To become a BRAT volunteer, click here. And, of course, we couldn't sustain this organization without our wonderful donors. To make a tax deductible donation to BRAT, click here.

Thank you for your support of BRAT and basenji rescue! Since our founding in 1999, more than 3,500 basenjis have found forever homes due to your hard work and financial support!

Mike Swan

Here is the list of the basenjis placed during 2010:

Camo/Ronan Alex Bourne Fenton
MG-Jimmy Ann Baker
Chloe Ann Ketcherside
Spice Ann Ketcherside
Boss Ann Ketcherside
Harriet Ann Ketcherside
Corina/Belle Barbara McShea
Sabrina/Kelle Barbara McShea
Madigan Barbara McShea
Quinn Barbara McShea
Roscoe Barbara McShea
Leia/Lolita/Lola Barbara Narehood
Lady Beth Schmidt
Louie fka Stuffing Beth Schmidt
Sonic Beth Schmidt
Dixie Beth Schmidt
Harley-Scarlett Beth Schmidt
Harper/Zada Beth Schmidt
Lexi Beth Schmidt
Satchel Carey Warner
Frankie Caryn Schoeffler
WF-Kyah Debbi Johnson/Pam Hamilton
WF-Zorra/Toffee Debbi Johnson/Pam Hamilton
WF-Flash Debbi Johnson/Pam Hamilton
WF-Donnie Debbi Johnson/Pam Hamilton
WF-Juju Bee Debbi Johnson/Pam Hamilton
WF-Feisty Girl/Cara Debbi Johnson/Pam Hamilton
WF-Gus fka Brownie Debbi Johnson/Pam Hamilton
WF-Beignet Debbi Johnson/Pam Hamilton
WF-Butler fka Batboy Debbi Johnson/Pam Hamilton
WF-Wrigley Debbi Johnson/Pam Hamilton
WF-Bibi/Isis Debbi Johnson/Pam Hamilton
WF-Dakota Debbi Johnson/Pam Hamilton
WF-Ginger Debbi Johnson/Pam Hamilton
WF-Kizzie Debbi Johnson/Pam Hamilton
WF-Mouse Debbi Johnson/Pam Hamilton
WF-Sam Debbi Johnson/Pam Hamilton
WF-Panda Debbi Johnson/Pam Hamilton
WF-Peabody Debbi Johnson/Pam Hamilton
WF-Pepper Debbi Johnson/Pam Hamilton
WF-Phelps Debbi Johnson/Pam Hamilton
WF-Portal Debbi Johnson/Pam Hamilton
WF-Amore/Daisy Debbi Johnson/Pam Hamilton
WF-Shadow/Lucky Debbi Johnson/Pam Hamilton
WF-Afrika Debbi Johnson/Pam Hamilton
WF-Akua Debbi Johnson/Pam Hamilton
WF-Chloe Debbi Johnson/Pam Hamilton
WF-Jabu Debbi Johnson/Pam Hamilton
WF-Jala Debbi Johnson/Pam Hamilton
WF-Kenai Debbi Johnson/Pam Hamilton
WF-Kiera Debbi Johnson/Pam Hamilton
WF-Luke Debbi Johnson/Pam Hamilton
WF-Sadie Debbi Johnson/Pam Hamilton
WF-Tank Debbi Johnson/Pam Hamilton
WF-Carmine Debbi Johnson/Pam Hamilton
WF-Sparky Debbi Johnson/Pam Hamilton
WF-Kato/Big Daddy Debbi Johnson/Pam Hamilton
Butch Donna White
Sundance Donna White
Sahara/Sarah Jack Austin
Prissy Jack Austin
Nakita Jack Austin
Sable Jack Austin
Blessing Jack Austin
Ringo Jack Austin
Tucker/Huckleberry Jack Austin
Rooster Jack Austin
Cairo Jack Austin
Corky Jacque Holdaway
Angel Jacque Holdaway
G-Ginny Janet Pace
G-Tristan Janet Pace
Benny Jennifer Gonzalez
Tucker Jennifer Gonzalez
Rahja Jennifer Gonzalez
N-Suzie Jennifer Gonzalez
Bronco Jennifer Gonzalez
Bailey Jennifer Gonzalez
Dixie JR Key
Sydney JR Key
Capote JR Key
Tut JR Key
Benji JR Key
Phyllis nka Cricket JR Key
Foxy JR Key
Biscuit JR Key
Rio JR Key
Roo JR Key
Max JR Key
Pharaoh/Herald JR Key
Anubis JR Key
SD-Iris/Ayla JR Key
*Britches/Britty JR Key
Roxy JR Key
Jack JR Key
Lucy JR Key
Danik JR Key
Sabre Judy Stahl
L-Mikey Karen Ginn
Bing Kate Moore
Buddy Kate Moore
Jack Kate Moore
Sid Kristen Aryes
Duke Kristen Ayres
Kiya Kristen Ayres
Coleman Kristen Ayres
Puzzle Kristen Ayres
Augie Linda Webb-Hilliard
Lexie Linda Webb-Hilliard
Piper Linda Webb-Hilliard
Ellie fka Brooke Linda Webb-Hilliard
Cody Lindy Ireland
Tucker Lisa Insall
Goose Liz Newton
Layla fka Kiera Liz Newton
Jake Liz Newton
Nemo Liz Newton
Lucky Liz Newton
Amon Liz Newton
R-Copper Liz Newton
Rudy Liz Newton
Amara Liz Newton
Ginger nka Kyesi Liz Newton
Pepper nka Sudi Liz Newton
Neylah Liz Newton
Kylee Liz Newton
Roxy Liz Newton
Sparky Liz Newton
Roary/Brutus Liz Newton
Mini Liz Newton
SD-Zena Liz Newton
SD-Zora Liz Newton
*Lady nka Sula Liz Newton
Otis Liz Newton
Layla Liz Newton
Obi Liz Newton
Olivia Melissa Benda/ Rick Reinhold
Coco nka Bodhi Margaret O'Reilly
Ozzy Melissa Benda
Nayru Melissa Benda
Kisses Melissa Benda
G-Janie Melissa Benda
Mia Melissa Benda
G-Pharoah Melissa Benda
Sophie Melissa Benda
Leo Melissa Benda
Jax Melissa Benda
Maddie Melissa Benda
Tallulah Melissa Benda
G-Bonnie Melissa Benda
Kobi fka Riley Melissa Benda
Phoebe Melissa Benda
Senji Baby Michelle Scallet
Scooby Michelle Scallet
Binti Michelle Martinis
Matatah Michelle Martinis
Gracie Oren Will
Maggie Oren Will
Bubba Oren Will
Mitzy Oren Will
Allie/Alexi Pam Hamilton
Tibuka Pam Hamilton
McKenzie Pam Hamilton
Jezabel Pam Hamilton
Willow Pam Hamilton
Bandit Pam Hamilton
Cory nka Kona Pam Hamilton
Cami/Stella Pam Hamilton
Tarik Pam Hamilton
Tucker Pam Hamilton
Chewie Pam Hamilton
Guppy/Merlin Pam Hamilton
Cassie Pam Hamilton
Cosmo Pat Dukes
Maggie fka Jilly Pat Dukes
Doreen Paula Nikonow
Jaclynn Paula Nikonow
Megan Paula Nikonow
Troy Paula Nikonow
Congo nka Dakota Roberta Kosek/Patricia Perlowski
Jasmine Ray Eckart
Scout/Cody Ray Eckart
Raymie Ray Eckart
Tyco Ray Eckert
Trigger Ray Eckhard
Rosalie/Roz Ray Eckhard
Roxy Ray Eckhard
Chief/Pogo Ray Eckhart
Ike Raymond Eckart
Velma Rick Reinhold
Indy Roberta Kosek
Jasmine Roberta Kosek
*Pharaoh Roberta Kosek
Bunny Roberta Kosek
Reagan Roberta Kosek
Shauna Roberta Kosek
Harley Roberta Kosek
Miles/Barru Roberta Kosek
Sneakers Roberta Kosek
Bubbles Roberta Kosek
Lola Roberta Kosek
Peaches Roberta Kosek
Venus Roberta Kosek
Buck Roberta Kosek
Desi Roberta Kosek
Ramsey Roberta Kosek
Cleo Roberta Kosek
Lincoln Roberta Kosek
Jacj/Jack Robin Nuspl
Isabelle Robin Nuspl
Elvis Robin Nuspl
Tanner Robin Nuspl
Checkers Robin Nuspl
Isis Sharron Hurlbut
Kira Sharron Hurlbut
Mikey Sharron Hurlbut
Harley Sharron Hurlbut
Toby Lee Suzanne Sarlls-Hartwell
Chowder Suzanne Sarlls-Hartwell
Uno Suzanne Sarlls-Hartwell
Obi Suzanne Sarlls-Hartwell
R-Dixie Suzanne Sarlls-Hartwell
Indiana Suzanne Sarlls-Hartwell
R-Karly Suzanne Sarlls-Hartwell
Nyla Suzanne Sarlls-Hartwell
Rocky Suzanne Sarlls-Hartwell
Pippi Suzanne Sarlls-Hartwell
Cubby Suzanne Sarlls-Hartwell
Katie Suzanne Sarlls-Hartwell
Zuri Suzanne Sarlls-Hartwell
Jack Suzanne Sarlls-Hartwell
Dacey Suzanne Sarlls-Hartwell
Garen Suzanne Sarlls-Hartwell
*Marcus nka Shane Suzanne Sarlls-Hartwell
Harley Suzanne Sarlls-Hartwell
Kiki Suzanne Wade
Katy Suzanne Wade
Kenya Suzanne Wade
Coco Tonya Ahrens
Geordie Tonya Ahrens
Copper Tonya Ahrens
Zeke Tonya Ahrens
Princess/Pippin Tonya Ahrens
Besse Tracey Hummel
Sir Bigley Tracey Hummel
Bella Tracey Hummel
G-Kell Wendy Hodges
Moe Wendy Hodges
Sparky/Fluke Wendy Hodges
Benji Wendy Hodges
Niko Wendy Hodges
Roscoe Wendy Hodges
Tisok/Jared Wendy Hodges
G-Flash Gordon Wendy Hodges
Walter nka Koa Wendy Hodges
Appalachia Wendy Hodges
Shia Wendy Hodges
G-Ginger Wendy Hodges
FlyGirl nka Sophie Yvonne Ricroft
DD/Tucker Yvonne Ricroft

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