Monday, January 24, 2011

Basenji Ink

I always felt that I wanted a tattoo, but just never knew what to get. I didn’t want to get something of no significance, just to have gotten a tattoo. Then a little over a year ago, I heard about a fundraiser in Baltimore that peaked my interest. If you went to the Baltimore Tattoo Museum and got a mini paw print tattoo, the money raised went to support Baltimore Humane Society. I read the article right after the event took place.

Well, that sparked an idea for me. I could get a copy of my dog’s actual paw print! Finally, I had a tattoo idea that was meaningful. My special first Basenji (who is now 5) who means the world to me, his name is Blink. While he is still very young, there will be a day that he will pass. With this tattoo, Blink will always be with me. I sat on the idea for over a year and just recently had it done.

I’m sure I’ll get questions. In order to get the copy, I purchased child-safe finger paint. I took Blink into the bathroom for an easy clean up spot! Then I used thick paper to pour a pile of the paint. Then I dipped the paw in and made several prints on that same thick paper. I brought the best copy to the tattoo artist and he replicated it. See the photo below, it’s on my left ankle.

Not only will Blink always have a place in my heart, but a place on my foot as well!

-Jennifer Davis

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