Sunday, January 23, 2011

Available BRAT Rescues: East Coast

NAME: Buster
DOG STATE: Pennsylvania
DOB: 11/24/2001

When you take Buster outside for a walk, he will be complimented numerous times on his good looks. He walks well on a leash, but if he smells something particularly interesting, he will pull. Buster is an older fellow, so he does not really need long walks, but he does like to spend a lot of time outside in the yard. He is equally content cuddling with you on the couch, playing video games with your older kids or snuggling with you under the covers while you watch tv or a movie. His main goal in life is to be with you and be cuddled, belly scratched (in the superman position), ear scratched and loved.

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DOG STATE: Maryland
DOB: 9/21/2008
COLOR: Tricolor

Ace is a gorgeous two-year-old tricolored boy with a soft coat just meant for petting. He is friendly, loves to play, and is extremely active. Ace loves to play with the other Basenjis in his foster home and he loves to be close to his humans. At night when his foster family watches TV, Ace can be found sleeping contently next to one of his humans.

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NAME: Maggie Moo, AKA Turtle
DOG STATE: Maryland
DOB: 2006
GENDER: Female

Maggie is a sweet girl with her humans. She especially loves to cuddle next to her family every chance she gets. But when no one is with her, Maggie is content to sleep peacefully on the couch, or in a sunny location. Maggie is a talker. She loves to yodel, baroo, and make all kinds of sounds for her foster family. She is a really good girl in her house manners; she is not destructive and totally house trained. You can also touch Maggie all over and pick her up.

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NAME: Rebel
DOG STATE: Maryland
DOB: 12/20/01

Rebel is a beautiful, tall, stately, and loving Basenji boy who is a true alpha and a wonderful addition to the pack in his foster home. He enjoys being with his humans, cuddling up next to them on the couch, sleeping gracefully in sunspots, playing with the other basenjis and cats, and overlooking his pack, making sure all is in order.

Well past those turbulent puppy years, he is house trained (as long as he has access to the backyard when he needs to go) and he is not destructive. You could leave a roll of toilet paper by him and he could care less! He plays well with others, including cats, and loves people. He IS a true treasure.

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NAME: Nugget
DOG STATE: Virginia
DOB: Jan 2000
COLOR: Tricolor

Nugget has become quite a good pack-mate. He waits his turn for treats and is not food aggressive. He has learned to share lap time with his foster mom and to snuggle with the pack at bedtime. Rarely does he snark at the others, now that he’s discovered the joy of being part of a pack. There are no fights. He is such a clown and wants to play all the time, including at bedtime, of course. He is without question a wonderful boy.

Nugget is a charmer. Belly rubs are a must for this boy and he’ll gladly roll over to make it clear what he wants. Snuggling is also a must for Nugget; he will not be happy if he cannot sleep in the bed with his person. He just can’t bear the separation.

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NAME: Gambit
DOG STATE: North Carolina
DOB: unsure, about 2 years old

Gambit is a young dog, about two years old, with a lot of puppy left in him. He has tons of energy and loves to run with his foster brothers and sisters. He loves to wrestle with them too. Gambit loves to cuddle and will fall asleep easily with a human and start snoring away. He loves TOYS, all toys. In fact, if he can't find someone to play with, he'll just entertain himself. When it's time to go to bed, Gambit will happily hop on the bed with his foster mom and dad as well as his foster siblings. He likes to be touching either one of his foster siblings or foster mom or dad while he sleeps.

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