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Available BRAT Rescues: Midwest Region

NAME: Lady & Dasy
DOG STATE: Michigan
DOB: 12/20/2002 (Lady) & 12/17/2004 (Daisy)
GENDER: Female
COLOR: Red & white (L) / Tricolor (D)
WEIGHT: 24.4 (L) / 18 (D)

Lady (red and white, pictured left) and Daisy (tricolor, below right) are a sweet and loving pair of basenji girls. Lady is Daisy's mom. She is a doting mother, keeping a close eye on Daisy and even holding the doggie door open for Daisy to slip inside! Daisy is an itty bitty basenji with the sweetest under bite. She is affectionate and snuggly.

This pair of gentle, silly, and comedic gals are quite bonded. They've been together since Daisy was born. They enjoy being indoors on the sofa, or in your bed! They are both house trained and crate trained. They like to share a very large crate and snuggle together. They are not destructive either.

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NAME: Dublin (left)
DOG STATE: Illinois
DOB: 12/2/2000
COLOR: Tricolor
WEIGHT: 29.4

Dublin and his girlfriend Kaki moved to Illinois from Texas. Dublin has adapted to the chilly winter by sitting on the sofa all day with a nice warm blanket and cuddling with his human. He can be a good boy when left outside of his crate all day because he never destroys anything or does his business in the house. He does know commands like sit, off, no, and outside. He needs a no nonsense owner to make sure he listens. After all, he is ten years old and has basenji selective hearing.

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NAME: Kaki (above, and to the right)
DOG STATE: Illinois
DOB: 10/6/2004
GENDER: Female
COLOR: Red & white
WEIGHT: 30.1

Kaki is a sweet-as-pie female that would love a home where her humans will cuddle with her a lot. She prefers to sleep under the covers. She listens when told not to do something. Kaki knows the commands no, sit, stay, off, out, and go in cage. This little girl can be left loose in the house for extended periods without destroying the house. She can be a princess and does try to boss the male dogs around from time to time, except for her playmate, Dublin. Her ideal home would be with Dublin, and one that will let her sleep in a human’s bed.

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NAME: Champ
DOG STATE: Illinois
DOB: 12/07/2002
COLOR: Brindle

Champ is a seven-year-old brindle boy that wants a quiet but active life. He wants a home with a comfy sleeping spot, a yard, and lots of walks. He’s a great cuddler and non-house destructive. Long walks will make Champ a very happy dog. Champ just wants some time for cuddling and perhaps playing fetch with him. Let him sleep in the human’s bed; he will be in seventh heaven.

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NAME: Gibson (AKA Gibby)
DOG STATE: Indiana
DOB: 1/6/2008
COLOR: Red and white

Some hunters found Gibson in northwestern Indiana on a very cold day. He was taken to a local shelter that promptly contacted BRAT. Gibby's coordinator, who picked him up, found an amazingly calm, lovable and snuggly basenji she almost couldn't give to the foster! If ever there were a perfect basenji, Gibby is the "ONE"! He is not house destructive. He is potty trained. He can be crated. He isn't overly excitable. Gibby is great with other dogs. He is okay with cats, as long as the cats are dog savvy. Gibby rides well in the car. He is good at the vet. Oh, and he LOVES to snuggle - ALL THE TIME! He'll snuggle you in bed. He'll snuggle you on the sofa. He'll even snuggle you in the car! There isn't much Gibson likes more than to snuggle.

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NAME: Gunnar
DOB: 11/2009
COLOR: Trindle

Handsome and delightful, Gunnar is especially sweet natured and possesses a wonderful combination of traits for a young basenji – he is not demanding and is eager to please. Gunnar gets along with everyone – men, women, big dogs, little dogs and bossy alpha dogs. He is a well-adjusted and happy boy. His exotic coloring makes him extra special – he is a “trindle” – black, white and brindle. He is gentle and doesn’t mind being touched all over and never wakes badly.

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DOG STATE: Tennessee
DOB: 1/2/2004
GENDER: Female
COLOR: Tricolor

Zoe is such a sweet loving girl that wants nothing more than to be close to her person. She does not get into trouble, and is a real couch potato. She does not mind cats and will only give chase if they run past her. She loves children, strangers, men, and women. She would be best suited with a submissive male dog, if any dog at all, but not a female.

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