Friday, December 3, 2010

Success Story: Ginny & Tristan

After careful research and determination my 15yr. old daughter convinced us to try to foster a dog through BRAT. The Basenji breed seemed to be the most promising for her Asthma and Allergies. Also, once I started my own search I fell in love with the “Basenji.” No other breed seemed as regal, and intelligent looking. Their eyes speak volumes. We agreed to foster with the hope of saving a life and preparing a dog for a forever home.

Our intent was always one dog at a time. Well, after viewing the e-mail about Tristan and Ginny we reconsidered. Tristan and Ginny were rescued form a puppy mill in Louisiana. Both were 4 ½ years old. They had been together as a mated pair all this time. They could not be separated. They survived by looking out for one another. Ginny had recently had a litter of pups taken from her.

Tristan / red and white boy (happy go lucky, fun loving) // Ginny / Tri color girl(serious, brave, protector of the pair)
 They were fostered in Baton Rouge, LA in a very loving environment. A few months later they were placed and adopted together in Maryland. After two weeks the new owner realized this was not a good fit for her or them. Our hearts melted and we knew we must take this pair. Another wonderful foster picked them up in Maryland and took them home in Delaware overnight. July 17, 2010 we drove three hours from Philadelphia to Delaware to pick up Ginny and Tristan. They were so sweet and ready to go home. Tristan lay his head on my older daughters lap for the next three hour ride home. Ginny stood watch peering over the back seat in our station wagon. I just kept talking to her with reassurance that all would be ok for her and Tristan.

They walked in our house, sniffed around. Walked right into the dog crate and fluffed the blanket and knew they were finally home.

Every day Ginny will look in my eyes for reassurance and I give it gladly. She really seems to understand my empathy for her. When strangers come to meet them she will look at me like, “hey, you promised we could stay here.” We first noticed that Tristan is very jumpy around certain noises and appears to have a couple small scars on his back. Also he was underweight. Ginny seemed to have emotional scars and trust issues and was overweight.

After two weeks we adopted both dogs. Tristan has gained weight and Ginny has lost a little. Their coats are now shiny, they are happy and healthy. They have fallen into a happy routine running and playing in their new yard (fenced in and escape proof of course). We are still working on leash training but they do enjoy being walked. Both have learned to sit, down, roll over, back, and stay, leave it, give paw, and crawl. Tristan always comes when called. However, Ginny is still determined to keep some control of her own. They have very different personalities, but are great together. We could never imagine one without the other. Yes, we are spoiling the two of them. Ginny and Tristan have been down a hard road and deserve a happy ending. We are thrilled to share it with them.
The Kennedy Family


  1. These two are my Pharoah's parents as well as Kell's. I can only believe that they are amazing dogs as both Pharoah and Kell are wonderful babies with great attitudes. BTW their birthdays are December 14 if I remember correctly. I met both Tristan and Ginny. Tristan was quite the gentleman and kept a close eye out for Ginny. He did not want her out of his sight. He was the tallest Basenji I had every seen. I'm glad you have these two and that they stayed together. Thank you! - Lori

  2. This pair actually came from a backyard breeder in Graham TX who surrendered the dogs to the local shelter. We have one of their pups from a previous litter (also rescued) named Bella. Thank you for giving them a wonderful new home.

  3. I guess that is where Kell gets his great height from, he is the tallest B we have ever seen. And I agree with Lori, with Kell and Pharoah's wonderful personalities, they must both be sweet hearts. So glad they are in their forever home and being loved and spoiled. Dawn, slave to Kell, Cory, Rogue & Sidhe

  4. I am so glad to hear about Ginny and Tristan's pups. We could not be any happier with the two.
    We would love to see pictures of their puppies.


  5. Hi Joyce,
    My email is I'll send pictures of Pharoah if you contact me.

  6. Joyce

    My email is helmpilot at sbcglobal dot net. Send me an email and I'll send you some pictures of Bella (just turned 2 this month). I'm sure she'd love some more pics of Mom and Dad.