Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Kip's Thanksgiving in Minnesota

For Thanksgiving, my parents, Kipper, and I drove up to Minnesota to visit the Gunflint Lodge (a great dog-friendly resort in practically the middle of nowhere).

Kip (fortunately) slept through almost the whole drive there.

When we finally got there, Kip had to stay in our cabin with Mom while Dad and I brought all of our things into the cabin. Kip went absolutely crazy.. then promptly peed on the couch.

Luckily,that was the only bad thing he did the whole trip.

But he did get a little craaazzyyy! (my dad and Kip in the jacuzzi in our cabin)

We all went for many beautiful hikes together, which Kip really enjoyed. I think that he often gets tired of the walks he takes at our house. He has already seen and smelled and eaten everything there is to see and smell and eat there. But Gunflint Lodge was different. It was ten hours away with totally different terrain and weather and animals. It was a brand new place for him to explore.

We made him wear a coat and booties most of the time, because it was very cold outside. When Kip's feet get cold, his whole body immediately follows. He walked surprisingly well in his booties and didn't fuss too much about them.

Except he does look kind of depressed in this picture.

And this one too. Oh, well.

He was constantly following moose tracks.. deer tracks..

Having his booties fall off..

Wondering if he was going the right way..

Keeping an eye on the Ninja Squirrel outside our window (don't ask)..

And making this face.

Hurr durr.

Our family had a wonderful Thanksgiving in Minnesota, and didn't want to leave..
Until we saw all the snow to come.
After three days, Dad and I packed up the car while Kip went crazy. But, he didn't leave a goodbye "present" this time. I bet the Gunflint staff was so disappointed.
I hope you and your basenji's all had a fantastic Thanksgiving!

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