Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Extra Reasons for Extra Treats

November and December are always busy times of year in any household. They mark extra celebrations for Bow. On November 22, she celebrated her second anniversary as a California girl, definitely very different from the timid little basenji who arrived that same day in 2008 all the way from Michigan.

On December 6, she celebrated her eighth birthday.
Happy holidays to all in the BRAT circle and thanks for all of your support during our past two years.

And here she is enjoying her "cake".


  1. Happy birthday Bow!
    That's quite the cake. I see pea pods... and ground meat patties? What is the white stuff?

  2. Here is my cake recipe:
    * A base of soft Natural Balance
    * Cream cheese "icing"
    * Snap peas
    * A couple of doggie Christmas cookies.

    She loved it all, but as usual, her favorite part was the snap peas. She's an odd one. Snap peas will lure her more than sausages.

  3. Gregg,

    I certainly could have watched the cake eating longer. 20 seconds was not enough of this adorable girl and her birthday cake.


  4. Happy belated birthday to Bow! This is so sweet and really made me smile. She looks awesome.