Thursday, December 9, 2010

Decorating for the Holidays

For the last 18 months mom has been telling everyone what wonderful kids we are. Kenya and I don't counter surf (Kenya is such a munchin she couldn't reach the counter if she wanted to), we don't steel things, aren't destructive and we respond to "no" when we start doing something "bad". Mom always says someone stole the basenji from her basenjis. Well the other day i earned my first "basenji" gold star. I found this really cool white stuff in the bathroom which i never noticed before. I had such a good time decorating the house with it. I know mom was pleased when she came home because she ran for the camera and took pictures of my decorations. Didn't i do a great job....
(me smiling at a job well done!)

Anyway...Happy Holidays from the Kaplan Kids


  1. Very good job! Guppy just shreds it and makes a bigger mess.

  2. Funny post my little male just ate daddys new fuzzy slippers last nite