Tuesday, November 2, 2010

More Howloween Pictures!

Kaya Costa with bunny ears (not by choice)
- Anna Costa (SLC, UT)

Callie & Lola attended a dog show today dressed as Thing 1 & Thing 2 from The Cat & The Hat. Very fitting costumes for two very mischievous little basenjis.

-Carrie Squires

Here is a picture of my BRAT rescue, Rougir, wearing his Halloween costume.
He went as an Elvis impersonator.
-Jennifer Ihns

Here's a picture of Kenya (red and white) and DJ (tri-color) in their Halloween costumes. Kenya is a policeman and DJ is her prisoner. Considering that he has eaten 5 pairs of shoes in the 1 year that he has been with us, he seems to fit the role well. He doesn't just destroy shoes. He actually rips off hunks of leather and eats them. Maybe Kenya can make him go straight. Happy Halloween!
Carol Fetters

Sheba Diva Dixon, a True Witch, and Gibby Dixon, aka "Devil Dog"
-Michele Dixon

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  1. So many horrified and indignant looks! These are all great -- Elvis impersonator Rougir in particular cracks me up!