Sunday, October 24, 2010

Kell Caught in the Act!

For those of you who have been following Kell's antics...
(If you haven't, here are prior posts about Kell: 8/2/2010, 6/27/2010, and 6/20/2010)

I may have finally figured out how the heck Kell seems to "levitate" and reach stuff we know we put out of his reach. This morning I watched him reach for some paper left on the kitchen table. He stretched as far as he could and when he couldn't reach any farther, he gave a little jump with his hind legs. This extended his reach at least another quarter of his body length, and he is plenty tall already.

Not sure how to fix this -- we don't have any more counter space further away from the floor! But at least now we know how he does it. Next, we have to figure out how he walks through closed doors :)

-Duane & Dawn Schroedter
El Campo, TX

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  1. My First Basenji Cairo used to do the same thing. First he would try the mouth swipe on the counter. If his velcro mouth didn't snatch something he would graduate to the ejacto paw swipe (we were convinced there was a button in the paw that enabled him to add inches to it to extend his reach) When that failed he would do jump and swipe... which many times finally yielded success.(it must have been the special edition michael jordon paw pads he was born with) The only cure we found was to (1) push things as far back on the counter so he couldn't get to them (2) be a clean freak (3) Watch him, get a good giggle then take it away and put it far back on the counter so when he tried again he would get frustrated when he couldn't get it and finally stop. Being the loving parents we generally choose # 3. I'll take a good basenji laugh any day! I haven't read your previous posts but a get the feeling you have the same type of super basenji that Cairo name the crazy basenji trait and he had it. There were lots of "how on earth" did he do that for 15 1/2 years in our house.