Sunday, September 12, 2010

Success Story: Penny Rose

Penny Rose joined our family on May 1, 2009, our wedding anniversary, and when my husband and I picked her up at a parking lot in MD that day, we considered her our anniversary present to each other.

We fell in love with her at first sight and could not believe this lovely, trim, tiny Basenji girl would be ours. Her predecessors were Basenji boys on the large side. No one could believe this very active dog was nine years old.  She inspired me to try to post a short video of her on You Tube:

Now she is ten, has us fully trained, and enjoys life. After lunch, which she eats with my husband in the living room, she likes helping him with the mail and is more than willing to eat the envelopes with bills in them.  She also enjoys eating tissue paper. When she is successful in finding the bathroom door open she will pull the toilet paper into the living room after having a few bites of it in the bathroom.  When she does not get as much exercise as she would like, she engages in running the Basenji 500 in the living room until we get dizzy watching her.

Recently, Penny Rose has decided to give us a loud bark when she feels one of her meals is not served on time. The unexpected bark startles us and then we laugh. So yesterday she decided to give us two barks for emphasis. I considered rewarding her with a biscuit, but my husband says, do we really want to train a Basenji to bark? 
The only downside to our little Penny might be that other dog owners cross the street when seeing Penny approach. This could be because she considers other dogs, no matter the size, fair game! 


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