Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Success Story in Progress: Roary

So maybe Roary is not a success story yet, he only been with us for 7 weeks now. He has had a few Basenji ups and downs. Here is an example of some of the ups and downs we've had so far with him:

1. I have been bitten by Mr. Roary about a rawhide. So no more rawhide.
2. Roary will eat, not shred, any tissue or paper towel he can find on the street, house, or work.
3. Roary is grumbly about his sleep spot.
4. Roary tries to chase after rattly trucks for some reason.

But, the guy has his Ups:
1. He is a sweet and rather large basenji (not fat, just tall and strong).
2. He is a great running and walking partner.
3. He listens when told no.
4. He is very good at the dog park.
5. He is great in the car.
6. He is great at work (besides the aforementioned tissue).
7. Roary is a good big/little brother for Kenya.
8. He poops in the yard (Thank goodness!  Kenya does not).
9. Roary is the neighborhood favorite of the kids.

I know he will be a success story soon. He is going in the right direction. Thanks, BRAT!

Kathy, Dan, Kenya, and Roary
Milwaukee, WI


  1. He has a wonderful home with you and I am sure he appreciates it after being stuck in a crate for so long. Maybe his former owner drove a ratty truck??

  2. He is absolutely gorgeous! He'll come around and will be giving you kisses instead of biting.

  3. My BRAT girl has an tendancy to chase rattely trucks too! What is with that? Nice quiet Honda drives by, no concern. Big lound F150 drives by and she cannot get after its bumper fast enough! So strange.