Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Success Story: Juno

One year ago this month, Juno came into my life.  In his previous incarnation, he was “Junior”, a show dog living somewhere in Michigan.  His life is a bit less fast-paced and a bit more home-centric now, living in Kentucky.   Juno has put on a few pounds, rolls in the “blue grass” in the backyard, hogs all the covers, and has running fits in the house in which he bounces from the bed, to the sofa, to his dog bed. 
The highlight of his day is our evening walk, in which he shows everyone that he is still the handsomest dog in the neighborhood. 
Dog toys and blankets are a staple of daily life and his quarterly bath is despised, but tolerated. 
Juno is a thorough gentleman when people come to visit.  Not quite so gracious with other dogs, but he tries. 
He and my Mother have become fast friends, and he laid beside on her on the sofa after her knee replacement surgery. 
BRAT did a fabulous job in pairing me and Juno, and I thank them every day.  I also thank Suzanne Hartwell and Laura Jenkins and her family who fostered him and took wonderful care of him.  I hope that everyone is lucky enough to find their Juno.    
- Debra Hall

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  1. What beautiful photos. You caught him at just the right moments. And Juno is a beautiful dog.