Thursday, September 30, 2010

So, God, What's the plan for a foster named Champ?

Remember me? My lifetime mate, Lady, and I were on this blog once. We were trying to stay together. But, God had a plan. A plan to rescue to me from my bossy mate. (Thank You, God!) Life went on and I was adopted by a new family.

Yes, I'm back in Brat again. It wasn't my fault this time. I was upstaged by another foster, Dixie Chick, the most perfect basenji. I was being over-protective of Dixie and my new adoptive mom from the other dog, a talking bird, and two crazy cats.

Someone had to go. Since I beat up the other dog, (ok - it was my fault), they made me pack my bunny toy and move back to my foster Spa with the big yard, private sofa, and lots of snacks/toys. No big deal. My foster mom took me to McDonalds on the way home. We had nuggets, fries, and a good talk on how I could have stayed there. It was a good home. But, it was not meant to be.

The resident B's weren't surprised to see me. They expected me back days ago. They greeted me like, "What took you so long?" My foster mom said, "God has another plan for you."

What do people expect from me? I want a quiet home, walks, a place to run, scratches, a human to play with, and a sleep spot where the other dogs leave me alone. Is this too much to ask? Hello God! Are you listening?

I soon found that God sent me here to protect Sonic from the new foster that was picking on him. Sonic is greatful. He's too scared to protect himself. The bully foster is now gone to a new foster home. What next, God?

In the meantime, I earn my keep at the foster home. I help Nurse Nubi clean Little Debbie's eyes. My walking skills have improved. I cuddle with my foster mom when she needs a hug. I'm still the most handsome brindle ever and have the best barooos. (At least, that's what my foster mom says.) Will I ever find a forever home? Hello! Are you listening?

My foster mom says, "Patience. God has a plan for you." My foster mom says I helped 12 year old Dixie get her home. I made her look awesome. Of course, she's doesn't do anything all day but sleep, go for walks, and ask for scratches.

I made Lady, my old mate, look good too. (That took lots of work.) She's adopted.

When I asked my foster mom if I could stay with her for life, she took me to a wall. This wall had four pictures on it. There was Nubi, Harley, Little Debbie, and Sonic. I wasn't on it. She said that this means I'm not permanent party. The frames are her limit to keep from owning too many dogs. I so wish to be on someone's wall.

So, what next God? What's the plan? While you are thinking, me and my bunny will be waiting on the sofa for the answer.

-Champ (as told to foster mom Liz Schmidt)


  1. Poor thing!! How terrible that he has been moved around so much. That breaks my heart

  2. This made me cry! I completely understand. I pray he finds a home. I have one just like him.

  3. Oh this made me get up to hug my two B's. I hope he get a home soon!