Sunday, September 5, 2010

Success Story: Chloe

I've had basenjis since the 1960's. I contacted BRAT after the passing of my 14-yr.-old bitch in October. BRAT sent Chloe to me last Thanksgiving weekend, from IL to KY to TN, to where I picked her up in Macon, GA. This was my first rescue experience. Knowing that each basenji is an individual character, I wasn't sure what to expect from a 7-yr-old who'd lost the only home she'd known.

The crate that came with her didn't fit on the back seat of my sedan and Chloe quickly wriggled out of the harness I usually used in the car, as well as the harness that came with her, but I got her home without incident. I'd taken the week off from my part-time job to help her settle in. I soon learned that she is a sweet-tempered girl, clean and non-destructive in the house, as promised. What nobody warned me about is that she goes ballistic when left at home. The first time I left her loose, she took out 5 of the vinyl windows in my porch!

She and I have learned to live with her being crated when left alone. As long as I do that, Chloe is an ideal pet. She's passed the Juliana test--my very exuberant 2-yr-old great-granddaughter. Chloe and I have been living in a motor home for the summer and she's adjusted very well. Everyone loves her. She learned a new trick last week--roll over. I think she's a BRAT success story.

Norma Jean Johnson

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