Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Success Story: Belle, Shango, & Ra

Who knew, when I got my first Basenji, Belle, at 8 weeks I would be a devout Basenji lover!

After I had Belle for a year, I got involved with BRAT, went through the foster evaluation, passed, and last July 2009, I was contacted to foster 2 boys-- brothers, with very delicate health, skin issues, under fed, and very tense.  Belle wasn't too happy.

We ( the humans and the B's) took about two nights to settle in... singing, soothing, candles, and finally some doggie downers!  These boys were very different from my sweet lady Belle.   Thankfully, her mother instincts took over, and she taught them how to do their business outside.  To this day, the boys still pee like girls!

After the healing, feeding, getting them healthy, I could not let them go.  The boys were so dependent on each other, the runt was actually the alpha male....go figure.  I kept them-- Yes, I'm a foster failure! We were family, and even though Belle was jealous of them, she learned to play and we have many Basenji 500's inside and out. Life is good!

This breed of dog has made me a better person, and caused me a few "OMG, how can they do that!?" moments, that only Basenji owners would understand. I now pick up my house better, too.  I can't see me ever not having a basenji in my life now.

Belle, Shango and Ra are the the most amusing dogs I have ever had. We love them!

Cindy and Michale
Belle, Shango, and Ra Hart
Houston, Texas


  1. This is such a wonderful story. And, the pics are beautiful. What lucky, blessed B's to have found your home!! Made me smile. Thanks for sharing!

  2. What a trio! I have three cats and they keep me busy so I can imagine how occupied you are keeping track of those three cuties.

  3. Bells's , Shango and Ra's HumanSeptember 25, 2010 at 1:52 PM

    I was thrilled to see our story published, since today had been one of those days, Ra the runt, the black one, somehow was in full hunting mode and dug a hole under the brinks, under the fence, and got in the yard next door, chasing the new kittens.....he would not come, stop, he was wild, so my trick, liver....and "lets go" Daddy's home, that means a trip to the dog park. More chicken wire!!!!

  4. We are failed fosters too, would not let him go for anything.