Friday, September 24, 2010

New Shelter Challenge!

That's right.... it's that time again!  Time for a new shelter challenge.  Every time you click this link and vote for BRAT, it puts us a little closer towards winning some prize money.  I know that most contests are hard to win, and you never really see results, but this one is different.  We DO see results.  In the past few contests, BRAT has won at least $2000 -- $1000 for being the winner of the state of Texas, and $1000 for being the winner of one of the weeks.  That's $2000 more that we were able to put towards helping rescued basenjis, just because you remembered to click on this website every day! 

So, this time we want to ask you again to remember to click this link and vote for BRAT every day.  You can vote once a day, every day until December 19th.  And, maybe this time we can try to get one of the top prizes and win even MORE money to help rescue basenjis!
  • Grand Prize: One $10,000 grant!
  • Second Prize: One $5,000 grant!
  • Third Prize: One $2,000 grant!




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