Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Dog Next Door

So I've been in a little bit of a rut the last few months, my mom and dad are working a lot, and seem tired and don't want to play much with me when they are home. Of course I still get my walks, but life has been, well a little flat.
So I'm just sitting there on my couch the other day and doing the "basenji sigh"... you know the one. I'm just letting the ho-hum out. I see this strange little thing out the patio door in my back yard. I jump up and go harass Mom into letting me out, but of course she hasn't seen what I saw, so she doesn't know why.
His name is Carmelo and he sneaks under the fence in my back yard to come play with the "big dog" next door. When we first met we decided that we should be friends. Sometimes it's just like that you know?

Mom said I could play with him but that I had to be gentle because he's so much smaller than me, he could be hurt by "Basenji Play" cause sometimes we can get a little rough. I personally never noticed that we play hard, but Mom's usually right, so I've been very careful with him. We have some fun and he's got plenty of attitude.

He's kind of funny and even though he's pretty small, he's not scared of me at all.
Dad even shared a few of my chicken jerky treats with him and I didn't mind at all. I want him to come over and play anytime he wants, but Mom says we have to tell his people where he's at anytime he sneaks over. She says it's not fair to let them worry about him. I'm not sure, they blocked the hole in the fence so he can't come play anymore. I miss him.
Mom says she understands that I've been lonely since Kayley left and that she's looking for a B-girl to add to our family, but that I need to be patient. What is patient? This word isn't in my vocabulary of Basenji-speak.....


  1. What a beautiful boy! Hope you find a playmate for him soon. This was a funny, cleverly written little anecdote.

  2. Very cute friend you've got there! Hope your mom finds you a girl friend soon, and hope that her presence won't skew the dynamic between you and Carmelo.

    (Love the story, Virginia!)

  3. Too cute -- especially the one where they're standing side by side!