Saturday, August 21, 2010

Chicken Broth Ice Cubes

Dasa recently visited Hawthorne Vet Hospital for titers, bordetella booster, and heartworm tests. While we were there, they checked some lumps and ran a routine blood panel. As I suspected, the bumps were fat lumps, but she’s beautiful even with a few bumpies. One of her kidney levels was slightly off, so I dropped off a urine sample. I talked to our pediatrician and tried not to panic. Dr. Davis told me it could be that Dasa just isn’t drinking enough water. Sure enough, (Hallelujah!) that’s the problem.

Ivan and Dasa very seldom seem to drink water, so we’re are on a mission to get more fluids into our little girl. I put a water dish on the second floor so she doesn’t have to go downstairs for a drink if she gets thirsty after napping on the bed. I provide water breaks with little dishes of water laced with organic low sodium chicken broth. We add more diluted chicken broth to her food.

The munchkins have long driven me nuts by refusing to drink water on walks. During hot weather, I carry a little water dish on our walks around the neighborhood. At least once during the walk, I stop, uncap the little dish of water, and kneel in front of them. They each sniff the dish and then turn away dismissively. It makes me crazy. I cajole, “Please drink some water. Mommy would feel so much better if you just take a little drink.” Once in a great while, one of them will take a single small lick of water, as if to say, “All right already. Be happy all week.” Most of the time, however, they are unimpressed with my offering. Maybe if I try broth ice cubes this will be more appealing.
We don’t have any ice cube trays, but I’ll look for one on my next visit to Target so I can make broth ice cubes. (Do they still sell ice cube trays?)

If only she needed to eat more ice cream. That would be so easy.

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  1. Yes, they still do make ice trays. Dollar Store, Walgreens, Walmart, etc... Little Debbie likes flavored ice cubes. I use a squirt bottle on wide stream or a water bottle with the pull top caps to get water in the mouths of the stubborn ones. Get them while they are panting.