Friday, July 9, 2010

Moo Shue for Two!

Here is another oldie but goodie from my first set of basenjis.

One of the strict rules in our house was we never gave Cairo and Shayna table food. Despite this, there was something about the smell of chinese take out that would drive Cairo beserk...similar to the effect cat nip would have on a cat. When we would bring chinese food into the house there was never a moment of peace at the dinner table. The dynamic duo would conspire to steal the food. Cairo would pop up at one side of the table and try to do the swift mouth "grab the prize" table surf trick. No sooner did we push him down, Shayna would pop up at another part of the table to do the same. Then they would both do it at the same time as we all know...2 is better than one. This would go on thru-out the meal. It reminded me of the old jack-in-the-box toys minus the music. Regardless, we would win and it would end with two frustrated B's.

One day after dinner I looked out the window and saw chinese food cartons on our back lawn.

I was frantic. The only way this could have happened was i left the gate to the fenced in yard open which meant loose Basenjis. I ran outside to the gate and to my surprise it was closed. What i found totally amazed me.

On the opposite side of the gate was the black hefty garbage bag that i had thrown all the trash in. The bag was neatly open and pulled as close to the chain link fence as it could get. The brown paper bag with the left over chinese food cartons was still in the black hefty bag but it was neatly pulled to the edge of the hefty bag and was wide open. No rips, no tears, no damage on either bag. Some how the little bugger managed to:

1. stretch that "ejacto paw" thru the gate

2. pull the hefty bag close to the gate

3. open the hefty bag

4. stretch the "ejacto paw" again to pull the paper bag to the opening in the hefty bag

5. open the brown paper bag without ripping it

6. stretch the "ejacto paw" again to pull the chinese food cartons out of the bag

7. pull the cartons thru the small space where the chain link fence is connected to the house

8. Have a chinese food leftover party with his sister Shayna.

My only regret is i never installed a surviellance video camera in my yard. If we had it would have been a shu -in for the $100,000 prize on America's funniest home video!


  1. If they had opposable thumbs, they'd be dangerous!

  2. I love stories about Basenjis. It must make your life very interesting.

  3. How do they know when teamwork is the best solution to get what they want like both popping up on either side of the table. As for the rest basenji's are scary smart!