Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Kipper's Hot Day Blueberry Picking

Today, I want to talk about our basenji Kipper's methods of cooling himself down, and how his supposedly good ideas can easily turn bad.

My parents, my aunt, Kip, and I drove up to Michigan to go blueberry picking today. (That's why I posted this kind of late, sorry!) It was, of course, hot. Kip was then, of course, fun to watch.

As soon as Kipper gets out of the car, he starts pulling and freaking out on his leash, as always. After about 15 minutes outside in the heat, Kip is already ready to pass out. So what does he do? He keeps pulling, running, and freaking out. Because you know what? He is far more worried about the fact that he hasn't smelled that patch of grass yet than the fact that he's about to die if he keeps going on like this.

A while later, we finally get him to settle down. He's a panting, floppy mess. We take him back to the car. Dad's lap, driver's seat, floor, driver's seat, Dad's feet, back seat, floor, my feet, back seat, my lap, my books, floor. That was his sleeping/relaxing pattern. It all happened in a span of about five minutes. He did it all while still on a leash that Dad was holding in the passenger's seat. Then, he decided to jump out the side door and go under the car. He crawled almost all the way under, until just his legs and feet were visible. It looked so creepy, that for a split second, I actually thought he was dead. He stayed there for about ten minutes and then somehow managed (I am still in shock over this) to do a complete 180, leaving his head sticking out from under the car. There is absolutely no space between our van and the ground, and I don't even remember seeing him crawl completely under. One second you saw his feet, the next his head, and then he was out. His little relaxation moment under the van must have actually been a smart idea, because he looked completely rejuvenated when he came back out. He was barely even panting.

Anyways, I hope you enjoyed this bit about Kip's day. He is one dopey dog, but he can be very smart when he wants to be.

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