Saturday, April 17, 2010

Six years with Dasa

Dasa came to live with us in April 2004. It hardly seems possible that we’re celebrating the sixth anniversary of her adoption. She is such a joy in so many ways, a bouncy little girl who easily springs above waist level when she’s excited. She is our pink-nosed princess with the adorable under bite, irresistibly cute when her little pink tongue curls up during a yawn.

She loves ice cream, and food in general is such a wonderful thing. At first, she was absolutely convinced that canned pumpkin was toxic and we were trying to poison her. We’ve gotten smarter, and discovered that chicken broth mixed with her food makes even the pumpkin disappear rapidly and completely.

She demands attention. She leaps onto laps, especially if Ivan is already sitting beside the parent. Dasa will climb right on top of the parental lap, claiming center position. She taps us with a petite paw, demanding tummy rubs. If we stop, we get a delicate tap, reminding us that she requires further attention and we are not to stop until she says so.

She loves the big bed, and a great deal of her beauty sleep is accomplished there. She is my loyal snuggler, such a sleepy amenable bundle who curls up next to me. She does not decide to climb back and forth over me and paw demandingly at the blankets the way Ivan does. If she gets too warm or needs to change position, she manages to do this without waking everyone else in the bed.

We are secretly delighted that she feels secure enough to occasionally be a trouble-maker, pulling fluff out of a wounded stuffed animal, or trying to take Ivan’s teddy when he runs circles before mealtime. When she first came to live with us, I was concerned Ivan would run over her. Not to worry. She holds her own nicely. If Ivan is pestering her when she isn’t quite awake or doesn’t feel like playing, one side of her lips curls just so and she snarls warningly. Ivan usually decides he has other things to do.
The first photo is of my sweet baby girl on her first day at her foster home, just after she arrived, worried and unsure. When Dasa is worried, her tail goes into Whippet position. We’ve made it our goal to keep the her life as worry-free as possible and make the Whippet position a rarity.

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