Monday, April 19, 2010

Raising $$$ for the little BRATs! ;)

In March I participated in the BeCAUSE Craft show and raised 122.29 for Basenji Rescue and Transport (BRAT). Yea!!! So what is BeCAUSE? The beCAUSE Craft Show was created so that our local Vermont community could reach out and help many organizations that are in need through the efforts of one event, while supporting the business of local vendors. We believe that we can effect change on a global scale with actions we take as individuals. Each local vendor in the craft show is a part of a collaborative effort to support social and environmental activism on a larger scale. With this event, we also support local artisans and businesses in a grassroots effort to support our immediate community. The unique thing about beCAUSE is that every purchase made at the show directly supported a charity or non-profit organization. And of course my non-profit was BRAT! :)

To view more pics of my BRAT-tastic booth, feel free to check out my website:
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