Sunday, April 4, 2010

Florida dogs available for adoption

To read more about the background of rescue situation in central Florida, click here.

There are links to other articles as well as lots of photos.

BRAT is now looking for adopters for the three litters of puppies as well as the adult dogs rescued from this situation.

To apply for one of these dogs, click here.

You will be added to an email list which gives notices of available basenjis. Before long, this group from Florida will be listed for adoption.BRAT strives to select the best home for each basenji we have in rescue.

Below is part of the most recent update from Pam and Debbi:

"I can't believe how much time has passed since my last update. So much has changed - and our house now has a revolving door. There has been so many who have come by to help on short notice, to adopt, to drop off, etc.

"I wasn't planning on bringing the mature kids in every night (it was supposed to be warm a long time ago and they are in very secure kennel runs) or when it is raining (I was going to build more shelter, but haven't since it has been too cold to leave them out - and it is better for the shy ones to not hide in a den...), but now that I am, I'm kind of glad I was forced to do it. It has forced me to jump right into working with them in a way that has just the right amount of casual nature to it. As a result, they are already crate-trained. Even though they were stuck inside in crates for a couple of days a week or so ago because of downpours, they kept them clean! I let them go out for play/potty breaks several times a day between downpours. They now realize that they won't be stuck in them forever and whine if the
weather is cooling or getting humid and I haven't brought them in yet. They need less and less direction to go to the right spot - in or out.

"They seem to like to come in to their cozy crates where the rain is kept far from their beds and heat lamps are available when it gets cold - I can't believe how long this cold weather has persisted. I feel better knowing that they are in. I think it will also help them to make the transition to indoor spoiled b more quickly. I don't think they will find our b's so strange once they get a taste of life on cushions... Right now, the culture difference between the two groups (WF - Wimauma Field - b-kids &. our city b-kids) is similar to Beverly Hillbillies meets Beverly Hills High Society.

"Amoré is the first that I spent time with when they were still all at Hillsborough. She was the third mom that had stopped producing milk just after the pack was confiscated from the field. She looked so pathetic - I felt she might shut down completely, stop eating and die, so I picked her as the first one with whom to spend time. She lets me massage her and does relax with the attention. She is very submissive and needs to have her confidence boosted. It is great to see her play
and enjoy life.

"BRAT would especially would like to thank the Board and all members of the Basenji Club of America for providing a crate for each basenji in the HCAS group. Over 50 crates have been sent to Pam in Florida. To learn more about the BCOA, click here.

"We appreciate your interest and support in the rescue of the Wimauma basenjis.

Pam Hamilton
FL District Coordinator
Advisory Director
Basenji Rescue and Transport

Debbi Johnson
BRAT Treasurer & Director
Germantown, TN

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  1. Hooray for Pam and Debbi! Those pups look adorable :)