Thursday, November 19, 2009

When Moms Are Sick

We all suffer when Moms are sick. Dad says, "When Mom's not happy, aint nobody happy!" I think he says that mostly because he gets tired of listening to sneezing, coughing and the dredded snnooorrre... (which us B's kind of like, it's soothing) but maybe it has to do with Mom being grumpy, whining and complaining about being sick of being sick.

My mom's been sick twice now in the past month or so. first it was the flu then she got sick with this cold/sinus infection thing. It's a good thing us Basenjis don't get sick with that stuff. Mom would probably shoot us like Dad keeps threatening to do with Mom. That wouldn't be good. We don't like going to the vet so we really, really understand why Mom doesn't like going to the doctor either. I'm sure she hates shots as much as we do!

Even though Mom doesn't like being sick, there are definitely some perks in it for us Basenjis. We get to spend our days on Mom's bed with her or on the couch. She gives us extra cuddles and lots and lots of pets and tummy rubs. The bad part is that she really cuts our walks short. Walks make us feel better, I'm not sure why they don't make her much better. But hey, on the up side, she always wants to take a nap with us right after the walk, instead of putting us in our own crates and leaving home. We really much prefer to nap with Mom rather than in our crates, although Kayley is forever trying to bump me out of the best sleep spot. I think Mom should put Kayley in her crate so that I can concentrate on taking good care of Mom.

This morning when Mom went to stand under her indoor rain, we found her garbage sack full of used tissues. Bet you can't imagine what we two did with them huh? ;-) Dad was sooo mad he kicked us outside.... It snowed last night, that was definitely a punishment not suited to the crime. And you know what, Dad made Mom pick up our mess because he said he wasn't touching the nasty germ infested stuff. What germs? We were just having some fun!

Still, I know that Mom isn't happy being sick, so I hope she gets better soon. Join me in wishing her healthy won't you?



  1. This all sounds eerily familiar!

  2. I do hope that your mom feels better soon, Reno.