Friday, November 20, 2009

Lucky's Matching Challenge!

To date, BRAT has incurred vet bills of more than $2,500 for Lucky in Tennessee:

Lucky came to his foster home in the summer with a broken leg and pelvis. After surgery and a lot of TLC, Lucky is looking for a forever home.

However, his vet bills have left a big hole in BRAT’s bank account. $2500 is ten times our usual vet bill.

The good news is that several anonymous BRAT volunteers have pledged to donate $1,200 for Lucky’s care *if* our volunteers can donate an equivalent amount. This will give us $2400---almost enough to pay Lucky’s current vet bills.

So, I am posting the challenge to all BRAT volunteers.

To make it easier for you, we will accept donations through Paypal. Just Paypal the cash to us at:

You can also donate through Network for Good at:

Or you can send us a check by going to this site:

When you send a donation, please be sure to send us your name, address and email---and mention that it is a “Matching Donation for Lucky.” This is very important since we might not receive the challenge funds unless we know how to credit it.

Thank you to everyone who has pledged funds---and thanks in advance to everyone who send matching funds in this challenge. Special thanks to Lucky’s wonderful foster parents.

This challenge will expire in two weeks---on Friday, December 4th---so please make your donation today---no matter how large or how small. If we receive more than the challenge amount, we will use the funds to pay for vet bills on the dozens of basenjis currently in BRAT care.

Mike Swan
President, BRAT, Inc.

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