Saturday, October 17, 2009

Our Pink Nosed Princess

If Ivan is the sun we orbit around, Dasa is the sweet gentle moon that fills our hearts with joy and delight.
Dasa came to us as a very shy worried little girl. At first we had to put a line of spray cheese on the kitchen floor to keep her busy while we put on her leash for walks. She has a severe startle reflex, and does like loud noises or new situations. Just four months after we adopted Dasa from BRAT, we moved from Florida to Illinois and our baby had to get used to a new house. She decided her safe spot was under the futon bed in the spare bedroom. She has gotten braver, and the loud noise or new visitor that would have once sent her upstairs under the bed now sends her only into the next room or to the foot of the stairs.

Dasa has blossomed in the five and a half years since she came to live with us. Our sweet and affectionate little girl gives lots of dainty kisses, talks to us, and scratches at the door of whatever room we're in to let us know she wants attention. She leaps in the air with delight when we ask if she'd like to go for a walk. She came as such a timid little girl, but she has gained a lot of confidence. She's becoming quite the little snuggler, and even tries to edge Ivan off a lap so she can have his place. She does this either by stealth—slowly oozing into Ivan’s spot—or by subterfuge—lots of invitations to play and as soon as he's off the lap, she jumps up and settles in.

She started out as a dainty timid little girl, a companion for Ivan, and a much needed good baby with few destructive tendencies who gives us a rest from Ivan’s world domination and demolition. We marveled at her sweetness, rejoiced at each small step as she gained more confidence and came out of her shell. And, somewhere along the way, I realized she has become a precious vital piece of me. She occupies a huge chunk of my heart. Dasa is a sweet little girl who's so good it's sometimes difficult to believe she's a basenji. She doesn't chew things, is seldom ever grumpy or difficult, bravely trots out to potty in wet grass, and is the most wonderful tail wagger. I believe Dasa was sent by angels because she has been such a gift to our family.

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