Friday, October 30, 2009

Halloween Basenji Pictures - Part 3

Here are even more pictures submitted by BRAT-chat readers and BRAT-blog readers. Keep 'em coming! We love to see your basenjis in costume.

Left: Since Dora Jean is a therapy dog, she has a new outfit for Halloween visits each year. She enjoyed prissing around in this year's costume! Submitted by: Mary Gregory

Above: Here is Omar as a bat, and as a spacedog! Submitted by: Marckle Myers, New York City

Above: Here is BRAT rescue Saana as a Witch in 2009. Submitted by: Jeanetta Brown, Tampa, Florida

Here is Kirby as a Chippendale in 2009....

...and as Spiderman in 2007! He won 2nd place at West Dog Park's costume contest that year. Submitted by: Jeanetta Brown, Tampa, Florida

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  1. Ooooh la la Kirby! My b-girls Happy and Toni think you look very handsome.