Thursday, October 29, 2009

Halloween Basenji Pictures - Part 2

Here are some more basenji Halloween photos submitted by BRAT-chat and BRAT-blog readers. Enjoy!

Above: This is BRAT Dede in her Halloween costume a few years ago. She was not crazy about the hat. Submitted by: Mariko

Above: This is Cody (Clint Eastwood / Football Player) and Karly (Karlita Bandita / Cheerleader). Submitted by: Deborah Joslin, South Florida

This is Angel Lacie, Pumpkin Lacie, and (below) Ozzie-o-saurus! Submitted by: Christina Golden, Rockville MD


  1. Yeah, sometimes the pics upload weird like that and I'm not sure how to fix it :(

  2. When you are editing your blog you can make pics centered left or right maybe try moving some of the pics around doing that. It seems to work for me and thanks for posting!