Friday, August 7, 2009

Rainbow Bridge tribute to Gambit

Today, I am sharing a tribute to a well loved basenji boy from BRAT members, Duane and Dawn in Campo, Texas.

Early, on a cold November morning several years ago, I carried out little Timi out to our vet. She had been in labor for a very long time and one of the puppies was stuck and she was just too tired to push anymore. A little medicine and some gentle help from our vet and I held a BIG puppy in my hands. With Timi licking and my gentle rubbing with a warm towel he began to squirm and cry. We named this little boy, Gambit.

On Monday of this week I took Gambit back to the vet. He had been in terrible pain all day Sunday and had lost most of the strength in his hind legs. He still managed to sit up and lean against me trembling. He always hated the vet's office. Dr. Fred Baron told me he suspected either a bone embolism or a cracked disc. Either could case the pain and loss of strength and neither could be fixed without surgery and lots of pain. He rear legs were cold to the touch. So after a tearful call to my wife, we agreed he had suffered enough.

Even in his pain Gambit never offered to bite anyone. When the vet gave him the first shot, Gambit relaxed a little and the trembling and labored breathing from the pain eased some and he leaned against me and slid down as if he was very tired. I couldn't bear to watch as Dr Fred gave him the second shot so I just petted Gambit's big head and watched his soulful hound eyes. He blinked several times, nestled his head in my hand like so many times before, breathed a big sign and I heard Dr Fred say he that he was gone. Like so many of this breed his eyes said so much and like so much of his life Gambit passed nestled up against me. Duane

From Dawn: Gambit was a true love, so big, gamboling, funny and serious all wrapped in a very wrinkled body, from his face, his shoulders and above his tail there were wrinkles abounding. Eyes that reflected a soul full of love.

I look for him on the couch where he should be sitting next to me with that big head resting on my leg or in front of the fireplace on his pillow. My pack is incomplete; he is gone way too early. I know I will treasure my memories of him in time; right now all I can do is hurt for our loss. I know he is running free and with the pack that has gone on, but right now there is only pain that will pass in time.

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  1. God bless Gambit....

  2. I am so sorry for your loss, I know that it must have been extremely hard for you and your family, I am dreading the point that I have to send one of mine to a better place. May you be blessed and know that he is in a better place where there is no more suffering and only happiness and lots of love and treats!

    All our best,

    Dawn and Allen Atkinson