Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Don't Stick Your Head in Small Holes

About 13 years ago (before I was born), my parents went to Arizona to visit my relatives. They were staying at my aunt's house. My mom and dad had their first basenji at the time, Wrigley. My parents and aunt and uncle decided to go out for the afternoon. Wrigley being only 1 year old, he was crated when left alone. My aunt, though, had a different plan. She told my parents that she leaves her screen door open so that her dogs, Sunny and Cartie, may go in and out of the house as they please. My mom wanted to use Wrig's crate, but everyone said that he'd be okay without it. Wrigley ended up running throughout the house and yard with Cartie and Sunny. After saying goodbye to all the dogs, my family left the house. They came back 3 hours later, and heard some horrific news from a neighbor. (First, you must know that my aunt's house had these concrete fences, with little decorative diamond cut outs along the bottom.) The neighbor came over and told my mom, dad, aunt, and uncle that, while he was in his house, he heard this strange sound almost like a . . . pig. He immediately went outside and followed the noise to my aunt's fence. There, he found Wrig's big head stuck in one of the little diamonds. Wrigley was yelping for his life and even threw up. The neighbor went back to his house, got a chisel, and chiseled the poor doggie free. Now, my parents know to always do what's best for your dog, no matter what other people say. And Wrigley learned to never stick his head in small holes!

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  1. Nice story! Just like a basenji.