Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Blaze's second birthday

This week, we are celebrating Blaze's second birthday. This is a day she likely would not have lived to see had it not been for BRAT. Blaze, one of 28 basenjis rescued from a South Dakota puppy mill in March 2008, was a 7 month old severely underweight and unhealthy puppy. Her digestive problems, typical of many in her group, had caused her to nearly starve to death. She weighed less than 8 lbs when rescued, but now is a healthy and beautiful 15 lb girl.

The health expenses of the SD group plunged BRAT into the red ink deeper than ever before experienced.

Thankfully, the SD basenjis all found forever homes and recovered, and yet BRAT's vetting expenses continue to exceed our income. Without generous donations and the income from the calendar sales BRAT could not continue to save the many basenjis who need our help.

Thank you for keeping the financial needs of rescue in mind. For more information on how to donate to BRAT, click here.

(The second picture is Blaze shortly after rescue. The first photo is Blaze with her formerly heartworm positive Brat brother, Vegas, rescued in 2002.)

Liz Newton
BRAT Director, Vice President and Regional Coordinator for the Central States.

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