Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Welcome to the Basenji Rescue and Transport blog!

Welcome, basenji people! This is the official blog for Basenji Rescue and Transport, Inc. We hope to soon populate this web space with daily stories, tips, and all-around fun basenji episodes to entertain, inform, and provoke some great conversation.

Over the next few weeks, we will be looking for a cadre of folks who would like to become regular basenji bloggers - that is, who will volunteer their time once a month to write a paragraph or two about their experiences with basenjis. This could encompass behavior, health issues, cute stories, breed issues, rainbow bridge dedications, and more.

If you think you could contribute a paragraph each month for BRAT (don't worry, we'll send you a reminder each month when it comes time to write something!), please send an email to: If you're not quite sure that you want to become a regular blogger but you do have something to share from time to time, you could also email us with your contribution and we'll post it up for you. The more posts we get, the better reading it will be for everyone, so don't hold back! We know you've got something to say :)

While we work on getting this blog up and running, please click on the "subscribe" button on the right side of this page, so that you are automatically emailed with each post as it appears on this website (you don't want to have to check this page manually every day, do you??). Then, when you see a blog you like, you can click "comment" below that entry to respond with your own thoughts on the subject. Instant two-way conversation! So, subscribe now, and then stay tuned as we get some great blogs up and rolling for you. Baroos!

-Kristen Ayres

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